Guide to Côte d’Or

Guide to Our Very Best of Côte d’Or

Guide of the region

Guide to Burgundy Region – a Warm Welcome to Burgundy

After so many years living and working in Côte D’Or,  we have accumulated a knowledge that we are ready to reveal to those looking for the Best. It takes years to explore the treasures hidden of the Burgundy Land. Thousands of wineries & restaurants you will find here. How can you choose the Best For Yourself?

With the amount of available information one can be easily overwhelmed. With over 4000 wine producers it will take you more than 6 years with 2 appointments every day of the year to get to visit them all. This is just to say that even a wine expert will still have a subjective knowledge of the Wines of Burgundy. So, this puts us all on the same level. When you think wine,  you should also think food. And when you think great wine, you should really look for great food. There is nothing more frustrating than a great wine paired with a average meal. There are many restaurants in the Côte d’Or area and especially in Beaune city that are worth visiting. Some of these restaurants have a Michelin Star and they will reassure some of the sophisticated travellers and some other restaurants do not have any awards yet but their food is extraordinary too. That little EXTRA makes a huge difference from the ORDINARY restaurants you will not want to give your valuable time to.

You are coming to this region full of hope and expectations and we will do our best to give you what you are looking for. Our Guide will express a subjectif feeling in the search of this EXTRA, not just in the search of Food but also Wine, Activities, Accommodation, Hikes, Biking and Other Treasures to look for while taking the time to enjoy this wonderful part of the world.

I hope you will enjoy our collection of Things to Do and we will make our Best to continue to add the insight knowledge that we have from living in this Unique Part of the World that is our Home.

Best to you,

Burgundy Wine School Team 😉

Cristina Otel – Manager & Founder