A few weeks ago I have received an email request for online classes. I have responded to my potential student that I only do physical classes. It is true that to get the essence of Burgundy it is ideal to visit in person. With the nowadays situation and being forced to social distance for our wellbeing I have reconsidered the possibility of online classes. What can I deliver to an online student? I can resuscitate my course “Understanding Burgundy in 90 minutes ” online. It is a fun course that will be giving you the tools you need to understand Burgundy Region and its wines. The 90 minutes Understanding Burgundy became in 2020 the Two Hour Course as I have realised that it does take 90 minutes to do the course and then I also need some time for the tasting. The 90 minutes Understanding Burgundy Online Course does not have at this stage any wine tasting as I haven’t yet figured out how to send you the samples. But I will continue to think about it ( I have some ideas) and the day will come when we can do most of the wine classes I propose physically also Online.

90 Minutes Understanding Burgundy – Online Class

For who? For all of the wine lovers that want to understand Burgundy. Beginners or advanced wine lovers and from One Single Guest.

How long does the wine course last? 90 minutes

Description of the wine course: I will send you an invitation to join me via ZOOM meetings on your desired device ( Computer, iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone, SmartPad). Once together in the virtual meeting room, I will share my Ipad Screen with you and I will start Drawing Burgundy. I love the interactive tool of drawing as it keeps the student alert and I can build the information gradually without overwhelming with complicated documents. Once The drawing is complete I will share maps ( new and antic ones) of Todays Burgundy and Past Burgundy. We will discuss Geography, Classifications, Terroir, Viticulture, Agricultural Methods ( Conventional, Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic), Vintages, Dilution and Concentration, AOC, Unesco World Heritage, Producers. I will share with various useful documents like: aroma guide, tasting guide, producers that are willing to receive you while in Burgundy, terroir, Vintage charts, books where you can continue to learn more about Burgundy. While I will be doing the interactive class you will be listening and writing down your questions. You can stop me any time if there is something you do not understand. At the end of the course if those questions that you wrote down still need an answer, I will be happy to answer them.

Cost of the 90 minutes Online Class. 125 euros for one attendant or one screen

How can I enrol? Please send me an email at contact@burgundyschool.com and we shall communicate with each other all necessary details. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you.