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Burgundy region is worth to be understood. Many people visit this fabulous region without getting its essence. It is a complex place, yet if explained it is relatively easy. Burgundy Wine School® offers for 2017, 4 Programs: short, medium, long.

Understanding Burgundy in 90 minutes
Understanding Burgundy in 90 minutes

90 Minutes Wine Course – Understanding Burgundy

Our programs aim to give you the premises of Burgundy region and its superb wines. It is designed for adventurous guests with little time and great expectations. You will learn all the basics to be able to navigate on your own through Burgundy. Tutored tasting of All levels of quality wines included. I recommend you take this class as all the other classes at the beginning of your Burgundy stay, as you will get a better understanding of your discovery.
125 euros/person, from 1 single guest.

Burgundy Wine School
Exploring Burgundy Gives you a 3 hour class – inside and outside experience

3h Wine Course – Exploring Burgundy

Both Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits, a condensed version of the 2 Days program – This program offers a theoretical class, a comparative wine tasting and a visit to the grounds. It is a fun program as you will be introduced to the Burgundy Puzzle via the visits to the grounds and via tutored tastings of wines from Côte D’Or from Regional to Grand Cru, you will taste a minimum of 12 wines. Once you understand the parameters composing Burgundy, then you will be able to dive in, Zoom in for a further understanding.
9 am to 12pm, 250 euros/person, 2 guests minimum.

4h Experience inside and outside Burgundy
The Burgundy Vineyards gives you a 4 hour experience – inside class and outside visuals

4 Hours Wine Course -The Burgundy Vineyards

An introduction to the wines of Côte d’Or. You start the program with a theoretical class that, then you get practical by tasting the wines and visiting the grounds. You get to see the locations of the Grand Crus Vineyards from Puligny Montrachet to Vosne Romanée. You get to taste an example of each AOC visited from regional to grand cru in both pinot noir and chardonnay.
9h00 am to 1h00 pm, 350 euros/person, 2 guests minimum.

Wine Course indepth Burgundy
The Two day Wine Course is Intense so prepare to learn a lot

8h Wine Course – 2 Days Learning about the Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits

Day 1: 9 am to 1h00 pm 
Understanding the wines of the Côte de Beaune by tasting and visiting the locations of the AOC composing the sub-region.
Day 2: 9 am to 1h00 pm 
Understanding the wines of the Côte de Nuits by tasting and visiting the locations of the AOC composing the sub-region.

The 2 Day Program will allow you to understand the wines of Côte d’Or, be able to know what you like, how to choose the wines, what aroma profile you prefer, you will taste many vintages, Premier and Grand Cru wines from various growers, raising and rock stars, see the scale of AOC, become an expert in Burgundy Wines with the provided tools. A unique experience you will not find elsewhere. Cost of the 2 Days, 500 euros/ person, 2 guests minimum.

Please email us with further questions.

Looking forward to a Wonderful Year in Burgundy UNESCO Land.

All the best to you,

Cristina OTEL, manager @ Burgundy Wine School®