Learning is the key word, showing you the pieces of the Burgundy Puzzle, the terroir, the history, the growers input, the plant, the know how. You get to see, touch, feel, taste, hear and enjoy a great day that will stay with you for the future. Wine course presentation of Burgundy Region at our Beaune Office. Comparative tasting of 12 wines, White Chardonnay and Red Pinot Noir from Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits in various Qualities from the most simple Regional AOC to the most complex Grand Cru AOC. Visit of the vineyard locations in Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, understanding the scale and the variation linked to the position. We will visit together the AOC composing the 2 subregion from Puligny Montrachet to Vosne Romanée. Included documents as support for your future Burgundy adventures, including easy to access wine producers & applications for wines & vineyards of Burgundy. You get to taste an example of each AOC visited from regional to grand cru in both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Learning about the Burgundy Vineyards takes  4 hours, morning from 9h30am to 1h30pm.
Price per person: 350 euros, 2 guests minimum.

“10/10 experience in wine education experience and tasting!”

The private Burgundy wine education day with Cristina was one of the highlights of our trip to France in September this year and we enjoyed each and every hour of the Day!

Firstly, Cristina herself is an exceptional and a bright person! Even during the busiest time of the year (lots of tourists and bookings; vineyards are closed for the grapes collection) she was able to find the time slot for us and spent the whole day with us (Cristina, Thank You very much from the Capital letter, we really appreciate it!)
Second, Cristina has not only vast experience and knowledge in the wine and the wine making, but also is able to explain all the concepts in an easy and understandable manner (we still remember the major points by heart and use Google Maps to see if the particular clos is located on the hill with bushes or a trees to determine the expected wine taste =). Not many people mentioned it in the feedbacks, but Cristina has a vast regional and international experience as well – she was studying and working in Australia (in a Margaret River region) and in different wine region of France and if you are not novice or get used to the certain wine area taste, you’ll have a pleasant time discussing the differences in wine taste and will look at Burgundy wines under the different angle.
Third, we would really like to Thank Cristina for the person she is! She spent a whole day with us from picking us up from a hotel and driving us in her car showing us all the premier and grand crew clauses of Beaune region, showing the soil differences and how does the soil affect the taste, how to distinguish if the particular area is in Village, Premier Cru or Grand Cru.
Last, but not least, we visited almost all wine regions in France and talked with large wine makers, private wine makers, different wine education and knowledge centers, but nowhere we got the same personal, humble and thoughtful attention as with Cristina! We really recommend Cristina for the wine education and Burgundy wines appreciation experience in particular, you’ll get 10/10 on your experience you expect.