Wine Tours

When I started my own business in 2009 I started doing wine tours with a Brand Called Taste Burgundy. It was a very successful adventure and have met some wonderful guests that I still stay in contact with. As always, all the businesses I have created,  they were all private. Why? I love my own confort. I love to be with the people that chose to share their valuable time with me and vice versa. I love to do private Wine Classes and Private Wine Tours,  as it gives us more valuable time and we can navigate further than in a group. So yes, I still continue to do Private Wine Classes & Wine Tours because it is the Best Way to navigate quicker, to learn, see, touch, taste and enjoy More.

Private Wine Tours

Here with a Great Family thats keeps on Coming Back For More

I thought that wine courses were better than wine tours and have moved from Taste Burgundy to Taste Burgundy Wine School which became later Burgundy Wine School. Today I know that Wine Education and Wine Tours are just key words, very valuable key words, that will play the role of attracting or not valuable trafic on my website. So I take the step to design again Wine Tours for Visitors Looking to Enjoy Valuable Time around Burgundy Wines. All our Wine Programs will give you the opportunity to learn but also to visit wineries, vineyards and taste great wines.

If you decide to call it a  Wine Course or a Wine Tour, I  will still focus on giving the Best to the person in front. After years of refusing to call my Wine Activities Wine Tours, here I am offering again Wine Tours with a Wine Course approach. 😉

Looking forward to spending valuable time with you.

Kind regards,

Cristina Otel