Best Wine Experience of the Year 2018

Travel and Hospitality Award – Burgundy Wine School – Best Wine Experience for the Year 2018

Burgundy Wine School® In Depth Burgundy – Theory and Practice

Burgundy region is worth to be understood as it can be considered complicated. Many people visit this region without getting its essence. Well explained with tangible examples Burgundy is easy and fun to understand. Burgundy Wine School®  offers 4 wine programs  to individuals looking to discover, understand, deepen, perfect & develop their wine & vineyard knowledge on Burgundy subject.  Burgundy Wine School® responds to a demand of passionate individuals that are looking for a tangible education in the complex subject of Burgundy Region and its wines. Burgundy Wine School® offers 4 short wine courses from 90 minutes and up to 2 days from Monday to Friday, all year round, by reservation only and from 1 single guest – a unique concept.

 Wine Tours of Smart Guests

Burgundy Wine School® believes in the freedom of knowledge. We empower individuals by giving them the tools to think for themselves, to ask the right questions, to see the whole and the parts of the puzzle. Besides the theory – we do visits to the vineyards – taste a multitude of wines as examples to illustrate the places we visit. 

Our programs & wine experiences will allow you to perfect your wine tasting skills and your knowledge of the Burgundy vineyards.  You will enjoy a beautiful moment among the vines, meet passionate individuals and have fun. Our comparison tastings will give you tangible references to the comprehension of Burgundy Wines. All our Wine Programs & Wine Courses are Private, no other guests besides you. Burgundy Wine School® is the fruit of 8 years of experience in Burgundy Wine Education. This small boutique Wine School is the brain Child of Cristina OTEL, Master Vine, Wine and Terroir from the University of Burgundy, Founder and Manager @ Burgundy Wine School® .

Beaune Walk

90 Minutes Understanding Burgundy

Natural guests feed back after each class. Here LeahTravels ( shares with you her feeling after the 90 minutes class. Available from Monday to Friday – morning or afternoon by appointment only, from 1 single guest. 125 euros/person – tasting of a minimum of 6 wines including a Grand Cru. Key Words defining the 90 minutes class #unique #learning #AOC #classificationS #tools #logic #wholepicture #tasting #rockstarwine

@leahtravels visited us today @burgundywineschool for a 90 minutes class – we thank you for the visit and for the live feedback

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Exploring Burgundy in 3 unique hours

The 3 hour class is the 90 minutes class with visits to the vineyards where the wines are born. Getting a sense of the scale and adjusting the theory to the practice is very helpful. Available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am. 250 euros/ person, from 1 single guest. The keywords defining this program are the following : #scale #theory #practice #understanding #landscape #map #reading #great #tastings

Feedback from our Exploring Burgundy 3h wine class ! Thank you 😊!

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The Burgundy Vineyards in 4 magical hours

This program will give you a chance to learn about the 2 RockStar Subregions of Burgundy – Côte de Beaune & Côte de Nuits exploring visually more sites where the wines are born.  350 euros/ person, minimum 2 guests. From Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm. #comparison #tastings #rockstarwines #visuals #learning #key #tools #neverstoplearning

Dive inside the Golden Slope -2 Day Program

Take the time to ZOOM inside the two most famous subregions of Burgundy. After the theory of the first half day we visit all the Grand Cru sites of Côte d’Or, tasting and visualising what makes them so unique. Monday to Friday. 9 am to 1 pm each day. 500 euros/ person. minimum 2 guests.  #zoom #indepth # comparisontastings # learn #efficient #training #logic #understanding #dilution #concentration #grandcru #cheese&wine #recommendations #objective

Video 1/2 Feedback from Burgundy Wine School 2 Day Private Program. Thank you Andrew and Phillie.

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Video 2/2 feed back two day program from burgundy wine school

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